intangle is a game where players have to follow verbal instructions on how to operate shared controllers that results inevitably into players weaving their bodies together. For example, instructions given could be “red and blue controllers press a button on the green controller”, “Move the blue and red controllers to someone else’s leg”, or “Touch the floor with the blue controller”. The game ends when players are unable to perform a given instruction in time.

Multi-player computer games are increasingly being designed to engage with interpersonal bodily interactions, however, their focus is often limited to facilitating direct body contact. In contrast, I propose that designers can facilitate varying levels of body contact through the design of shared controller interactions to introduce new types of gameplay that allows players to enjoy playing with the etiquette of appropriate body-space in games. 

By providing an understanding of how designers can engage with interpersonal bodily interactions through a shared controller to design engaging gameplay experiences, I believe this can extend our knowledge on concepts such as proxemics, the interpersonal relationships between people in physical space, for the benefit of engaging and playful game design.