Hi, I’m Jayden Garner

I am a game developer with experience spanning social, physical, and digital games. I have contributed to the development of playful, experimental prototypes as part of RMIT University’s Exertion Games Lab team. I am interested in how playful design can expand the range of digital experiences by exploring the inclusion of novel forms of interaction with controllers, to extend social engagement beyond the screen. With this work, my goal is to explore the design of social interaction at the intersection of technology, play, and the body.

I have over six years experience at RMIT University in the School of Design and Social Context as a researcher and user experience designer, where I investigated this intersection. From this work, I contributed to a deeper understanding of designing for playfulness and social interaction. My track record includes 12 academic publications in last 6 years, the majority of which appear in highly competitive game design and HCI conferences and journals. I have won awards for my research, including Best Paper and Honourable Mentions for my published work, and Audience Awards from presenting my designs both in Austalia as well as overseas. This work expanded upon my previous investigation of social play research, where I graduated my Communication (Media) degree with First Class Honours at RMIT University.

I am passionate about collaborating with developers on new ideas at game jams. I believe successful designs are a result of engaging with people from different backgrounds, and being open to change through an iterative design process of prototyping and playtesting. In particular, it is key to challenge your way of thinking by considering a design from the new and unique perspectives and insights shared by others.

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Full list of publications: Jayden’s Google Scholar Profile

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